Black Bear Sighting...

I'm a born and raised Minnesota farm girl; I've seen a lot of things, right?  But there is one thing which has alluded me until Tuesday morning.  The infamous Black Bear...and I'm not talking the TC...the Minnesota Twins mascot.  The real thing....let me start from the beginning.  Monday morning, I walked out to the barn to get the dogs.  I see that one of my bird feeders is on the ground and it's crushed.  Then I noticed another feeder has been emptied and the shepherds hook is bend.  I just assumed it was a raccoon, which is more plausible, right?  I told my mom about the incident...she didn't's a black bear!  I thought...sure, mom...whatever!?

The next morning, I hear the wind chimes ring; I immediately jumped out of bed to see a bear running to the side of the house.  Well, in my quest to see if it really was a bear...I tripped over the cat and stubbed my toe.  As I approached the window on the side of the house...I was able to, indeed, was a black bear.  He sat under the big red oak tree and probably finished his morning bird seed.  :-(

The next morning, I looked out the window...and noticed my suet feeder is gone...literally gone...the dam bear took my suet feeder!  That fIUY#J$#&*$Y#*!!  I'm mad!!

I haven't seen him since....and here's a proof of the black bear sighting...what you can't see the bear...I don't blame you for questioning  my superb photo my defense...I was really nervous!!  Oh well, have a great day!

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