Another one bites the dust...

While snooping in my craft room stash, I found quilt blocks, sashing, corner stones and borders...all of the fabrics together except for the sashing and corner stones.  But I did find them in the stash of works, I think.  So I set out to finish the quilt...easy peasy...and now it's completed! Another one bites the dust! Yippee! 

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Thank you all service men and woman! God bless America!

Just in the nick of time....

Just in the nick of time, I was able to get the 2nd block completed! (tick, tock, tick, tock says the clock)

This Friday is the 15th...and the 3rd block will be released! Uffda! So thankful I was able to sneak away to get them accomplished.

(please note: the stretchy background wasn't so bad this go around...)

And for other type A quilters, I would like to draw your attention to the brown block.  There's a diagonal print which don't match.  I'm not a type A quilter...but I will admit the various directional print might bother me. There's a strong possibility it might be redone!

One project at a time...

I'm here for a quick post; Here's a picture of a purse I did last weekend,  I've had the kit in my stash for several years, and by several, I mean 6-7 years! No kidding!

Recently my craft room hasn't been the room where I recharge my zen.  The room has gotten out of control...why? I've bought a lot of beautiful fabrics and kits...too many beautiful fabrics and kits.

This year I'm making a conscience effort to practice stash reduction; how? By sewing. Yes, sewing one kit at a time! And not hoarding beautiful fabric!!

APQ resolution working on my UFOs...

Hello! My crafty I am with this month's APQresolution number! In case you aren't sure what I'm talking about:  The people at announce on the first day of each month any number 1-12...then I have a UFO project which coincides with each number. The hope is work through some of the projects which are unfinished.  It's super easy and a fun way to work through your unfinished projects! 

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to work on last month's project, so I'm going to carry it over into this month!  I know pretty boring but I want to get it done...and yes, it seems like punishment...and you are is punishment! A kinda fun punishment (insert a cute smile here)!

Here's a picture of my project...tonight, I will be cross stitching and watching high school hockey tournaments! Good times in the Hudak household! Whoop, whoop!

Crossroads Quilt Along...

Here's the first month of the Fat Quarter's Crossroads Quilt Along; I didn't think I would like the background fabric...but love how it turned out. Can't wait for next month! #crossroadsquiltalong #fatquartershop

Then there's another or REAL story:

So I'm working through my stash which is a good thing, right?! I found several yards of this cream background which turned out cute, agree?! EXCEPT this fabric STRETCHES! It got a little better when I pinned, but I might have to change up the background to a more scrappy look...the bright: I'm working through my stash, yippee! 

(Please note: I'm working through my stash so I can buy more case anyone was confused! 

It's a new year...

It's a new year...and I've started it with a bang! After several years of wanting to sew a Christmas tree skirt. I've completed it!

I'm, also, very happy that APQ has assembled another UFO challenge; the list might look similar; I didn't changed much on the list, because I hadn't finished most everything on the list.  And instead of completing another one, I just changed things around.

(and what do ya know...the Tree Skirt was the first item to be finished!  I think I rigged it! (insert devilish smile here)

Hoping this year I'll be able to completely more on the list than last year...

Labor Day of Cross Stitching...

Well, I'm here...time has provided me with a lot of it since hubby has been out of town! I have spent my time keeping household business in order...or at least trying to do so! It seems to be a cat and mouse game to keep things up to know?!

I have planned my days accordingly with daily tasks...sometimes those tasks fall by the wayside, only to be picked up another day...but in the end all tasks are DONE! And the house is clean! 

I have worked diligently for 2 reason: keep myself busy and keep myself busy...I happy to say it has kept my mind of hubby being out of town.  But I’m happy to report the house has been spit shined and is ready for my VIP on Thursday...I am beyond excited to see hubby! BEYOND! Excited!

Since I have worked so hard to get things in order I have rewarded was a day of rest and CRAFTING!  I've been working on some projects for Christmas...since it's almost around the a matter of perspective, it's almost right around the corner.  One of the projects are cross stitch stockings for my brothers family!  And yes, I know I shouldn’t get too overjoyed but have one ALMOST accomplished!  But I'm over the moon with the small success...I will finish stitching this stocking in a matter of hours...but I need to order the charms which compliment it.  I wonder if there's a chart which indicates the placement of the beads and charms...looks like I will need to investigate.

Thank you for stopping by my blog; have a great evening!

Elisabeth's Stocking Charms

AllPeopleQuilt UFO Challenge 2015...progress report

Good morning! Haven't posted in a while...I've been experiencing the hardship of having your spouse working out of state Monday thru Friday...there's always lots to do around the house.  And I fight almost all of the cleaning duties! I don't like cleaning, but I don't want hubby coming home to a messy house, you know?!

However, I've gotten the hang of using Instagram! I know crazy! I'm learning...about the different modes of social! Has the world changed since I was a child!

Anyho, I've been participating in the AllPeopleQuilt UFO Challenge 2015...I think I've posted some previous month...currently still working on February's project! I've had a slight setback...I'm ripping out the border!

Here's the pic:

This months challenge number is: 3

For me, it's the Halloween cross stitch project which I purchased last fall at my local needle specialty store! Great place...I love going there!! Can't wait for my next visit...probably this late spring!

Here's where I left off on this project:

I'll be juggling the two projects until they are both accomplished at the end of the month!

I have a lot more going on...but I'll wait for another posting! 😊

Hope evey ones has a great day!

American Doll Clothes...for my nieces...

I've been waiting to post this pics of the American Doll clothes which I whipped up for my families late Christmas celebrations; here and there I've been collecting the remnants of fabrics for JoAnn Craft Store...picking only the fabrics and such which catch my eye.  Here's some of the latest fabric:

Some of them, I have ideas on clothes which I'll create with them...others, just like them...thought they would be great outfits for their American Dolls.

But here's a couple of outfits I created for Christmas and Morgan's Birthday!

2015 UFO Challenge...for February Progress Report

Originally, I thought I had posted the next challenge, but I guess it was only posted on my Instagram account!

So the challenge continues, as  you may know, a number is posted the 1st Monday of each month.  These numbers corresponds with a monthly listing of UFO which the participants created shortly after the beginning of the year.

If you still want to participate, check out the details:  2015 challenge

February has been here for 2 weeks...and like I said I thought I posted the challenge via my blog, but I was wrong...

Anyho, this month's number is 7!

And here's the pic from my instagram account:

It's been a slow start for me...and I still want to keep with the theme of getting UFO projects I'll end here...

I must go stitch!


enjoying my time...

Hello's me again! I've been working on some things...

For the past couple of years, I've enjoyed making holiday cards for my takes off the stress of the holidays...and I can have fun making cards.  I coordinated  several challenges...mainly because they provided inspiration...that's the only reason!

Here's a listing of the challenge which I participated in:

Merry Monday #140: Create a card using a snowflake

And here's the cards I created using the challenges:

I modified the sketch slightly, so I could create a shaker card.  They are so much fun to create..hopefully, you can see the snowflakes in the shaker?!

I did use another sketch to create my nephew's belated birthday card:

Oh, before I forget, I did manage to complete my Vintage Christmas Quilt...remember, the one which I was hmmm and a a-hmmm about...well, a lot of the times, I don't end up doing anything...instead of JUST DOIN' IT!

So as a result, I machine quilted the quilt...and got the binding done...and was able to hang it! 

This little huddle will provide a nice foundation for things going forward...I hope! Besides, my hubby loved it...and really...that's all that matters!

And it's the first accomplishment for 2015 challenge:

I will was an easy start, but I got it done!

Anyho, here it is:

Hope you enjoy your day! For's the last day of vacation! Pooo! So back into the craft room I go to enjoy the last bit of the fun!

the first of 2015...

Goodness...where have I been? Tis the season, right?! Well, I'm back...and have decided to only post once a week, preferably, on Thursday.  

The other day, I was browsing on Facebook; I came across an interesting had posted a challenge for 2015...12 UFOs, 12 get it done!  Here's how it works: print of the PDF, fill in 12 UFO projects which you want to complete, then a number (1-12) is drawn each month. The number drawn corresponds with the number on the project list...(please note: it's includes all craft projects).

Here's the link to the challenge for more specific information: 2015 UFO Challenge

Well, I have enough project for at least several....several years.  And quite frankly, I want to decorate my well as give gifts...

Stay tuned for my progress...

over the weekend...

Well, over the weekend...I didn't get much accomplished!  However, I did work on Hazel's First Day of School mini album...I used the Thursday tutorial from My Sisters Scrapper.  Honestly, I love her creations and her tutorials are awesome!  

I've assembled the cover and binding...and I got the pages figured out...kinda?!  I might be moving them around before they are adhered down.  However, I'm at a stand-still...I only had a 6x6 paper stack of Simple Stories, Smarty Pants.  The cover is about 1 inch larger than the I ordered some accompanying journal pages, brads and the 12x12 paper stack.  I know that I'll have more than really need but I'll make many cards as well as possible another mini album with whatever is leftover.

Oh, and on Monday, Minnesota became Minnesnowta!  We got over 12 inches of snow...UGH!  And did I mentioned Darling Hubby left for the week...and he didn't hook up the snow blower!  Yes, the same snow blower that I didn't know how to operate last year! And last night, I learned that it IS mechanically possible to get a Subaru AWD Outback stuck in the snow while in the driveway! 

So let me paint the pretty picture....Car stuck in the walking in knee high snow up the LONG driveway to get the cat liter and a shovel!  Okay, yeah! I got the car unstuck and in the garage!  However, now I can't get to the wood pile which heats the house!  Yeah, get the shovel ready...nope! Darling Hubby is driving home from his workplace in Wisconsin to hook up the snow blower and clear the driveway as well as a path to the wood pile!

But for's a picturesque snow scene from INSIDE the house!

But before he gets home...I'll have enough time to page through and start planning for projects during another LONG winter!

Hope you have an amazing day! Laterz!

I was the worker B...this weekend!

Oh my, I've had a busy weekend.  Friday, hubby and I went to Fargo, ND to visit his daughter, Brittany and her family!  Truth be told, we just wanted to go Trick and Treating with the grandkids!  We had lots of fun...things, shall we say...a little unpredictable...but honestly, you need to be with a 6year old, 4year old, 2year old and a newborn!  However, I'm still chuckling at the weekends events!

Saturday, I helped Brittany at the Festive Flea Market...she's the creator/developer and entrepreneur of The Honey B Soap Company...oh, I forgot one last word to describe her goods...Chemist! Check out her website...she has a great line of bath goods!

Here's some pictures I took:

Not the progress I was hoping for....

So far, I haven't been able to keep up my end of the bargin...posting on Mondays and Fridays.  I need to make about I try Mondays and Thursdays.  These days fit better into my weekly routines and such.

Anyho, here's what I've been up to:

Hubby still thinks I'm a seamstress...he's had me fix a zipper in his work jacket!  At first I thought I would have to cater to each stitch with my seam ripper! Finally, on a whelm, I just grabbed hold of the zipper and R-I-P-E-D...thankfully, it worked!

In the rush of the weekend, I forgot to get a final picture of the outcome.  So last night, I text darling hubby to take a quick picture of him wearing the jacket...and this is what I got!

Isn't he the smart one! Honestly, next time I will not forget the final picture...

Oh, and I got the cutest card from my Oregonian peep (and BFF), Stephanie!  I love it! Thank you for being so thoughtful! And I'm glad she's loving the Stampin' Up! products I got for her as a birthday gift!

What else have I accomplished?  Oh, I remember! Friday, I got up early as usual...and well, I got a bug in my bonnet...I started a mini album for Hazel, my oldest granddaughter...she started kindergarten this year...definitely, a pretty big occasion! My guess...Brittany would have done the mini album herself, but she still has 2 toddlers and 1 newborn at home...simply, too much going on!  So I'm doing it for her...hopefully, she will like what I created!  

Recently, My Sisters Scrapper started posting Tutorial Thursday on YouTube! She's amazing! I love her creations...all of them! I've been missing her tutorials...until now!  Check her out if you're looking for some SERIOUSLY great inspiration!

and finally, one last thing I'm working on:

I've pinned the Vintage Christmas quilt...I wasn't sure if I wanted to machine quilt or hand quilt this beauty...I think I've decided to hand quilt...BUT one small problem...well, a couple small problems! 1) I've never hand quilted anything EVER and 2) I can't find my handy little book on how to hand quilt!  Today, I think I'll have time to search the craft room!  I won the book for some festivity at the local quilt store, probably a shop hop or something! And thought I would never use it! UNTIL now!  

I'll keep you posted on the results of the search!  Thank you for stopping by!

Have a great day!

There was a hiccup....

There was a hiccup in my plan....I had Tim's sister and nephew visit on Saturday...kinda unexpectedly.  So I had to CLEAN a little more than usual, since I worked this past weekend, I needed to get it done on Friday....YUCK!!!

It was great to see Josh...check out the picture of Josh and Odessa!  Odessa LOVES him!

I was working on a couple of things later in the has been a project that I've been working on for the last five years...that might be a bit an over estimate, but it's not a far off!

There's a lot more progress which needs to happen but at least it's on the sewing machine again!

First, I got everything organized and set up...

Then the sewing begins...I have 2 plastic shoe boxes which I have 1 inch strips cut...1 plastic box for the dark colored fabrics and 1 plastic box for the light colored fabrics.

It takes me a little longer to sew each block, because I'm sewing 1 block at a time...I'm trying to have the scrappiest look ever...I'm afraid there will be a couple of blocks which have the same fabric...that's out of 144 blocks....crazy, isn't it!

Then I cut the strip...

and finally, the block is ironed...then I start all over again!  Just NUTS, isn't it!

Oh, and I had some time to create a card....LUCKY ME!

The Paper Pals Arts supplied a (sketch) challenge #244; not too complicated, which was nice...that way I could use some great designer paper!  I always like to maximize at most 2 challenges if I I took a peek at the Color Throwdown colors...Red, Pale Yellow and Pale Pink...well, I went a little brighter than what was intended but I really like how it turned out! Don't you?!

Recipe for card:
Stamp Set: Hi Cupcake (Fiskars)
Ink: VersaInk Dazzle (frost)
Paper: Serendipity (BasicGrey), SU! Pretty In Pink, SU! Real Red, and SU! Whisper White
That Little Something: Static Pal, Red Embossing Powder, 
That Little Helper: VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad, Coffee Filters, SU! Dimensionals 

I didn't like how the embossing powder speckled itself on the paper; I even used the anti-static thingie to help!  Perhaps it was the cheaper than normal powder...I'm going to have to do some testing!

Anyho, that's it...for now! Have a great evening!