I got it done...

I was able to take advantage of some time this morning to create Nolan's card...and yes, I used the new Mojo Monday sketch challenge to help me.  Here's his card for the first day of school..and to go with the Legos brand folders, pencils and erasers...hopefully, the boys will love it!

I had sooo much fun creating these cards...thinking I need to get back into the swing of making them...there's some yummy new Stampin' Up! products that I'm dying to purchase through my Oregonian peep!

Hope you enjoy your day (even if you are working)!

That's right...it's a card...

Good evening! Friday, I had a little time to create this card for one of my nephews, Nathan.  I purchased some Legos brand folders, pencils and erasers for Nathan and Nolan...just because that love, love, love Legos! And I thought they were cute!  

I used the Mojo Monday sketch as the foundation of this card.  I hadn't created a card in a long time...too long, so I wasn't sure how long this card would take to create.  I'm happy to report that it only took a couple of hours...It helps to have great designer paper (Basic Grey) to work with.  It was a great feeling of creative juices...but I can't spend too much time admiring this card...I have another card to create for Nolan!  Back to "the room"!

I'm having fun...

Holy cow, this long weekend has gone by too fast! Back to grind tomorrow...but not before I could stitch the next double flip...of Christmas Rules...it stitches up pretty quick...even if you make a mistake and ripe out several...several stitches! (smile)

Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate

Change of pace...

I needed a change of pace, so I started Lizzie Kate's Christmas Rules.  I will admit that I purchased this project already started from another cross stitch blogger.  Normally, that isn't something I would do, but I've had my eye on it for while.  

I needed something to remind me that cooler weather is eventually come!  The humid days...have hit their max with me!  Tim and I don't have air conditioning...so we use Mother Nature to help with keep cool, but after 2-3 days of 90 degrees with lows in the high 70's...she (Mother Nature) doesn't have any cooler air to give up!

Now you understand why this project is a nice change of pace...(smile)!

Have an amazing day!

Progress on the Maple Harvest...

Hey, here's a progress report on the Maple Harvest; I will admit that I've been working on this quilt in between the episodes of Dawson's Creek.  I only have to work on the borders ...and the applique.  I'm glad that I layed out the border pieces, because I discovered I didn't have enough half-triangle squares...so I have to cut some more...YUCK!  

Gosh, it looks kinda ugly in this picture...hopefully, it'll look prettier when I get it sewn together.  We'll see!  I'll keep you posted...(smile).

I did not lie...

I did not lie when I wrote:
I might regret starting this project...in fact, I might be pulling out my hair by the end of the second block.  But it will be all worth it if I can stay with it...I know you will think I'm crazy!
Here's a picture of the second block:

Here's what the block is suppose to look like: YIKES!! I think I'm going to be in for a world of hurt!

This is going to be an interesting ride...

Today marks a very momentous occasion...I might regret starting this project...in fact, I might be pulling out my hair by the end of the second block.  But it will be all worth it if I can stay with it...I know you will think I'm crazy!  Today, I've started the Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt.  It's make with template...all of it!

Here's a picture of the first block:  I've already had to cut one template twice because I didn't think about the construction before I cut the patterns needed.  Oh well...right?!

Block #1

What have I been up to...

As you may have noticed there's been a lapse in my posting...a huge lapse!  Well, I want to confess I have been hooked on a hit television drama.  

It's the kind of drama that really minicks everyday life.  It's unbelievable how it's drawn me in...and since Tim's been working in the Fargo/Moorhead area during the weeks...my time has evolved around this hit drama series...six seasons....of moving and captivating love, hate, sex, and troubles of the everyday teenager as they blossom into adulthood...this series of Dawson's Creek has changed my life*!

*if you believe any of this crap we need to talk; but seriously, I haven't been able to stop watching this series...it has sucked me into the lives of Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen...

Well, you might ask why an I writing now....I just finished watching the last episode of last season!

I am amongst the living again...so back into the craft room to create!  See you in a bit!