Traveling Craft Project...

Here's what I started on our road trip to Duluth...more to be posted later...

And yes, I think I'm insane for working with 1/4 inch hexagons...

Impromptu Road Trip...

Last Friday, Darling Hubby and I went on an impromptu road trip to Duluth, MN...just up the road from us...not was about 1 1/2 hour drive.  Any ho, we went to see the Tall Sails...we were suppose to go to the Minnesota Fair grounds for the Scrapbook EXPO, but at the last minute I thought it would be more fun for us to go to Duluth.

And no was a fun day...check out the pics:

 Then it started to rain...but no worries...we brought our rain coats!

Then we decided after walking to the light house, we'd get something to did everyone else just before it started to we had dinner outside because there wasn't a "wait" to eat...

Yep, that's Tim's fork in my fajitas!  Darn HIM! Then we had to get dessert at the Chocolate Factory!

We had a great day! Well worth the drive...even though I didn't get a chance to visit a quilt store! DARN!

Fun Run...

Yesterday, I asked my Darling Hubby if he wanted to go to Michael's Craft Store with me...and shockingly, he said yes!  But there was a catch...I needed to feed him!  And being the darn good wife that I am, I said, "Okay!"  Here's what I found at Michael's: everything was $1.50 or $.99...some great things to add to my stash!

Then, on the way home, we stopped by the Salvation Army; I found some great things!
It was definitely an incentive to continue my skill set with Applique. There were more patterns...wish I would have realized that "green" tags items were 50% off before I got tot the register.  Oh, well...there's always Monday to check it out again!  Any ho, look at the patterns:

Cinnamon Stiches from Piece O' Cake Pattern Company

Thru Grandmother's Window from Piece O' Cake Pattern Company
Have a great evening!

Every one needs to audition...

I'm going to start my first applique quilt and before I get ready I need to do all my research...meaning...I need to watch some YouTube videos to refresh my memory.  I took an applique class a couple of years ago by a great instructor, but I haven't practiced anything which I was taught from that class.  Then I need to audition all the fabrics...check it out:

I'm trying to work within my own stash, however, I didn't have any I went, fun, fun!  I'm not completely convinced on all my color combinations, but it will work....some how!

I, also, purchased some applique needles...Mary, Quilted Treasures, said they were beautiful to work with! 

While the hubby was in the car....

While the hubby was in the car...I picked up the green fabric at my local quilt shop...and also, got this book...and how yummy the quilt (and projects) are!  The best part is that I used my frequent flyer miles to purchase it!

Now before you jump to conclusion, I know what you are thinking:  Why did she purchase an (mostly) applique book when she hasn't ever worked on anything applique?!

Well, I (seriously) love anything from Blackbird Designs...and I mean anything! I think my next project will be a small quilt with applique...I took a class a while ago...hopefully, I will remember everything!

Anyho, you must see the projects....simply YUMMY!

Check it out: CUT 300 - 5 1/2" squares! What was I thinking...but look at the quilt below...completely worth all 300 squares!

Love, Love, Love...and I probably would have purchased this book for just this pattern!  Good thing I loved more than just this quilt!

Another 2013 project completed...

Another 2013 project completed...and it was fast and easy...well, kinda.  The directions were limited....shall we say...I needed to purchase another yard of green...and glad at that...I barely had enough...and I used the fabric from my bag...because I cut the outside  fabric incorrectly, also!

But now that I have the wrinkles ironed out...I would sew another, but I would have the lining the length of the bag instead of just about half of the bag length...

Anyho, the bag is kinda cool...It rolls up, so you can fit it into your purse or something like that...kinda cool!

But honestly, the really cool thing is that I've completed another 2013 project! On to another....YipEEEE!

Here's the picture of the completed project: 

Oh, lookie...lookie...

Oh, lookie...lookie...what I finished! I know it wasn't on my 2013 project list, but I got another UFO finished!  Actually, I take it back...I have the borders to add, yet.  These blocks were my first embroidery project; it was a really nice first project...there wasn't a lot of detail to the blocks.

I think the next project is going to be a wall hanging...something easy and quick to finish! Digging through my the fun part...can't wait!