99.8% of the time....

99.8% of the time...I'm the individual who buys a cooking magazine for the pictures!  I'm the same way with any quilting, knitting, or stamping magazine or cookbook...for that matter.  The pictures are pretty...yep, I'll buy the periodical!

Well, today was the day, I worked the .2%...the other day, I purchased the Food Network Magazine (May 2013).  It had a picture of cinnamon rolls...they looked yummy!  But then, I saw the picture of Poppy Seed-Lemon Twists....well, they looked like heaven!

This morning, I made them.  However, it required Poppy Seed Pie Filling...I didn't have it, so I made the filling from scratch!  My darling hubby said it tasted like his mother's filling...wasn't that nice of him to say!?

And I didn't make the sweet dough, instead, I cheated, I let the bread machine do the work.  I'll probably try the magazine's recipe for sweet dough, but I didn't feel like experimenting, so I stuck with something I knew...

Any ho, here's the pic of Twists, right out of the oven with the lemon drizzle:  And yes, I will make them again; it was an easy recipe...and they are delicious! and I mean, D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Lazy day...kinda

Lazy day....kinda...sorta...today, I haven't done much! Which has been really nice! I have managed to get some laundry done, bed sheets washed, played with the dog...lost the frisbee in the pine tree...dog is mad, and vacuumed the house...now, I'm stitching and watching Army Wives....so, so, so nice!

Here's my progress on Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate:

What I've been up to...

What I've been up to....well, as unexciting as it might sound...I've been up to work!  Things has been crazy...and after a while it takes its toll.  I'm tired, I'm cranky, heck, I can't even stand myself.  But this weekend, I had the weekend off...and I didn't have anything planned, which as sooo nice!  As a result, I got the chance to sit and stitch and catching up on Army Wives....exactly what I needed!

Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kat