enjoying my time...

Hello again...it's me again! I've been working on some things...

For the past couple of years, I've enjoyed making holiday cards for my co-worker...it takes off the stress of the holidays...and I can have fun making cards.  I coordinated  several challenges...mainly because they provided inspiration...that's the only reason!

Here's a listing of the challenge which I participated in:

Merry Monday #140: Create a card using a snowflake

And here's the cards I created using the challenges:

I modified the sketch slightly, so I could create a shaker card.  They are so much fun to create..hopefully, you can see the snowflakes in the shaker?!

I did use another sketch to create my nephew's belated birthday card:

Oh, before I forget, I did manage to complete my Vintage Christmas Quilt...remember, the one which I was hmmm and a a-hmmm about...well, a lot of the times, I don't end up doing anything...instead of JUST DOIN' IT!

So as a result, I machine quilted the quilt...and got the binding done...and was able to hang it! 

This little huddle will provide a nice foundation for things going forward...I hope! Besides, my hubby loved it...and really...that's all that matters!

And it's the first accomplishment for 2015 allpeoplequilt.com challenge:

I will admit...it was an easy start, but I got it done!

Anyho, here it is:

Hope you enjoy your day! For me...it's the last day of vacation! Pooo! So back into the craft room I go to enjoy the last bit of the fun!

the first of 2015...

Goodness...where have I been? Tis the season, right?! Well, I'm back...and have decided to only post once a week, preferably, on Thursday.  

The other day, I was browsing on Facebook; I came across an interesting posting...allpeoplequilt.com had posted a challenge for 2015...12 UFOs, 12 Months...to get it done!  Here's how it works: print of the PDF, fill in 12 UFO projects which you want to complete, then a number (1-12) is drawn each month. The number drawn corresponds with the number on the project list...(please note: it's includes all craft projects).

Here's the link to the challenge for more specific information: 2015 UFO Challenge

Well, I have enough project for at least several....several years.  And quite frankly, I want to decorate my house...as well as give gifts...

Stay tuned for my progress...