The last ones are completed....

Yep! The last ones are completed!  Yippeeee! Now for the part process which I dislike greatly....the cutting of fabric!  Here's a pic of the last three blocks:

Just a relaxing day...

Today...was just a relaxing day...I've been working on the embroidery baby quilt blocks...I would like to finish...or get a start on sewing the quilt blocks together, but I still need to finish a couple of the blocks, cut the fabric for the blocks and sew everything together....might be a tall order...but I remain hopeful!

Any today was relaxing because I got a chance to Skype with my BF to work on a scrapbook album; we've get working on it for the last three or so weeks....and it's turned out really I'll post pics when I'm finished!  Cool beans?!

But here's the pics of the blocks which are finished:

Getting ready for the sidelights...

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I purchased Moda's Fruitcake fabric from eBay.  I've picked out the fabric which I want to use in the Sidelights pattern; and I knew that I'd had leftovers...but I didn't know I'd have so much....Yippee!  And I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I don't need to know that right I've tucked it away for a later day!

Anyho, I showcased each of the fabrics and here's what I'm going to use:

I think it's going to be pretty...however, I'm not sure I'll have enough of the turquoise, so I'm going to stop by the local quilt shop in St. see if I can find the fabric or something close to it.  Cross my fingers....I hope I find the same stuff!

I'm excited to get this quilt going, but I have to finish the embroidery quilt first!  I'm off this weekend, so I'm going to see if I can get it done!

I know...I know...I know

I know...I know...I know...these embroidery blocks aren't on my list of 2013 projects, but I found them the other day...and thought, "I'm sooo close to being finished..."  I just need to embroider a running stitch around the images, then I can sew the quilt blocks together. 

These blocks are my first embroidery project; it was so much fun...I would do this project again!  

Anyhow, here's a pic of the pattern and where I am:

And so I added a border....

So remember I made this quilt for my darling husband...and it was a kit he picked out for me, while on a fishing trip.  Well, I laid out the quilt to show him that it was finished! And what did he say...."where's the border?"  I said, "there's no border..." He says, "Well, can you add a border?"  I said, "Um, sure..."  And in the back of my mind...I'm thinking I don't have any matching isn't some thing I have in my stash....and crap, I'm not done with it....if he wants me to add a border....

Well, I took the quilt to my local quilt store, Quilted Treasures.  Mary, the owner, was great....she helped me find this border fabric.  Hoping my darling husband likes it!  And I won't openly admit it, but I like it better with the border.  Well, I'm OFFICIALLY done with this quilt...and moving on!

A weekend getaway....

Tim and I managed to getaway this past weekend to spend time with family.  However, on Saturday, we snuck off for a drive to Walker; he went to a local sportsmen store...and I went to the Front Porch Quilt Store!!  I hadn't been to this quilt store, so it was exciting to visit!  My conclusion, I loved the store; they carried smaller wool projects, their own patterns as well as lots of beautiful fabric!  Here's a couple of the things I purchased:

I, also, sweet talked my darling husband to stop by the Piecemaker's Quilt Store in Hackensack, MN!  They have a great collection of civil war fabrics, so I love stopping there anytime we are in a 50 mile radius!  I can't wait to get home to create my own kit from my fabric stash!  Anyho, here's some of the goodies, I got there:

Vintage Redwork Snowmen by Buttermilk Basin

Warm Woolen Mittens by All Through the Night

Under the Stars Kit by Cotton Tale Patterns

Buy it! Buy it! Buy it!

So if you read my posting about my 2013 noticed this beauty....

and these were the only two fabrics I had from this Moda Fruitcake collection! Yes, I could have found other fabric to go with it, but I really LOVE Basic Grey who created this collection...and....I really love Moda I thought I would start looking on E-Bay   for a Fat Eighth collection or a Fat Quarter collection from it.  I've been looking for about three months...I will admit I did panic when I didn't find anything of the such...but then last night....just by chance....and look what I found!  I bought it! very quickly!  I'm very excited...and can't wait to get them!

And even better....there will be some left over for some things else!