One project at a time...

I'm here for a quick post; Here's a picture of a purse I did last weekend,  I've had the kit in my stash for several years, and by several, I mean 6-7 years! No kidding!

Recently my craft room hasn't been the room where I recharge my zen.  The room has gotten out of control...why? I've bought a lot of beautiful fabrics and kits...too many beautiful fabrics and kits.

This year I'm making a conscience effort to practice stash reduction; how? By sewing. Yes, sewing one kit at a time! And not hoarding beautiful fabric!!

APQ resolution working on my UFOs...

Hello! My crafty I am with this month's APQresolution number! In case you aren't sure what I'm talking about:  The people at announce on the first day of each month any number 1-12...then I have a UFO project which coincides with each number. The hope is work through some of the projects which are unfinished.  It's super easy and a fun way to work through your unfinished projects! 

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to work on last month's project, so I'm going to carry it over into this month!  I know pretty boring but I want to get it done...and yes, it seems like punishment...and you are is punishment! A kinda fun punishment (insert a cute smile here)!

Here's a picture of my project...tonight, I will be cross stitching and watching high school hockey tournaments! Good times in the Hudak household! Whoop, whoop!