And these items are the purchases for the day...

Self proclaimed purse pattern chick
from Millie P's Quilt Shop, Anoka, MN

Really cool periodical...I plan on subscribing to!

Needle Minder and New Pineapple Trim Tool...can't wait to use it!

Seriously, I could have spend a bundle of $$ here!
Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop

Pattern from the Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine...I think I'm crazy...1/4 inch hexagons!

Can't wait to sew something from this book!

OH my gosh, I forgot to post these beauties...

Oh my gosh, last friday...I had took the day off!  It was Minnesota Quilt Show time! I reserved a spot to attend the show via a coach bus! True...I went by myself, but it was so nice to get away...and see beautiful quilts...and have some retail therapy...very relaxing!

Here's some of the quilt which caught my eye:

Um, look what I found...

Um, look what I found at the local Goodwill Store...I just stopped by to take a look...and several dollars later.  Thank you to the individual who donated these treasures, so I could purchase them today!

Enchanted Alphabet (with Linen)
 from Lavender and Lace
Carol's Fancywork Box
from Sudberry
The Second Angel of Freedom (with Linen)
from Lavender and Lace
The Angel of Light (with Linen and Floss)
from Lavender and Lace 
DMC Stitchbow Floss Bows, Inserts and Binder (with floss)
Christmas Wreath
from Quilt in a Box
English Ivy
from Quilt in a Box 
Scrappy Quilt (to be finished)
Circle of Flowers
Misc. stuff
Better Homes and Gardens Annual Recipe Cookbooks
Vintage Spice Rack

Oh my...I have some work to do!

Often, I like to visit my own blog...just to see what I've worked on, what I have to work on, and what I dream of working on...Check out this pictures of my 2013 project list:

Oh, my...I have some work to do!