A Christmas to remember...

Good Morning, this year's Christmas was one to remember...the love of my life (pictured here) spent Christmas in the hospital!  This 6'2" gentle giant called me at work Christmas Eve requesting me to "come home"...knowing the tone of his voice something was wrong...I simply said, "okay".  I took him to the emergency room to find that his body was "trying" to process a kidney stone.  Long story short...4 days later...the kidney stone was lasered out and we were finally home Friday evening!  

We were left with the void of missing the last 4 days which included Christmas...but very thankful for my family which is "re-celebrating" Christmas for us...later today!

Merry Christmas to all....and a Happy New Year!
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Another fun year of christmas cookie chaos....

Good afternoon! Yep, another year of christmas cookie chaos...it's the time of year when I think I'm going to get a couple of cookies completed, but end up helping my mom with her cookies...oh well! I don't care! It was a lot of fun...a lot! Now I have invite everyone I know to help with eating the cookies and such! I'm sick to my stomach at the thought of eating a cookie...of course, that statement comes after I'm monster chomped three or four cookies...Oh, tis the season!

Hope you have a great week....running around for the preparation of next week!

Merry Christmas! and remember the New Year is coming!  

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Time well spent...

As I mentioned, I spent my day INSIDE! The Minnesota weather kept me from doing anything outside...it's just TOO cold!  It worked out well since I needed to sew another dress for my nieces' Christmas gifts.  Here's the Christmas Day church service dress...I think it turned out cute, but the lace isn't laying nicely!  My hubby says, "You are too critical of your own work!"...perhaps I am, but I don't want it look dorky!

Anyho, I'm going to wrap up the day...since work has me starting early as usual!

Hope you have a nice evening!
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What I'm doing today...

Um, what I'm doing today...well, I will NOT be in the great Minnesota outdoors! Holy crap, it's cold outside!  It's not so much the -3 degrees...it's the "feels like" -21 degrees...that's the clincher! I'm staying inside the house...perhaps work on some Christmas presents...a little baking, a little sewing, a little knitting...and probably some other projects!

I've completed another dress for my nieces, so I'm going to start the Christmas dresses for their American dolls...can't wait!

Here's the other dress: I think it turned out cute...I really like the soft colors!

2013 Progress Report...

2013 Progress report...if I were to grade myself on the progress of my list...I would give myself a "F" grade (with "A" being the best and "F" being the worst).  

Here's what I've accomplished on the list:

Here's what I didn't accomplish on the list:

This list is, well, disappointing...I think I shopped more than I worked on projects...there's always next year...but I'm not going to lie...maybe I'll have other project on it instead...and crap...here I am with another Christmas and I don't have a tree skirt for the Christmas tree...oh poo!

Here's my progress...

I can't say that I've consciencely been working on this scarf with any real purpose...just every time I sit down to watch TV with hubby...I pick it up and knit. As a result, I've managed to make some progress on it.  Here the image shows the inside of the scarf...the outside has a really pretty pattern...but please don't look all that closely...there are mistakes. Never fails...I always add a stitch here and/or decreasing a stitch there...any ho, I still like it.  Hope everyone is enjoying their day!  Until next time...
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Lookie, lookie...what I got...

I have the best Iowaian friend...and step daugther ever...Oh, my goshness...I have no idea what I am going to create with the birthday gift, but one thing for sure...it's going to be messy...and it's going to be fun...most definitely! Recently, Ben Franklin Craft Store in Iowa was going out of business...and these are products which I wanted to try...I have some sprays, but wanted to compare them with like sprays...now I can.  Thank you, Abigail for thinking of me! I love it! And I love you! But most of all...even without the gift...thank you for being always thinking of me...I love you to the bone!
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It's a birthday gift...

Recently, I had a birthday! I know it's hard to believe...but the damn thing comes every year! However, something which makes it bearable is having a gift to open...here's what I got from my Oregonian peep (and the family of the Oregonian peep)...I think I pee'd my pants when I saw the wonderful and creative possibilities, however, when I saw the much desired ENVELOPE MAKER, I screamed with delight...like a little girl! Study the picture...look at all the goodies! I LOVE IT!  I have so much to do around the house, but all I want to do is create, create, create!  Hopefully, I will find the time today, since this little chickie is NOT working today! So if I stay on task...I'll be able to have some fun!  Keep your fingers crossed...please!
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