Something old and something new...

Just like any paper crafter, there is a tendency to collect (or hoard) designer paper...I am no different!  I have a personal use the designer paper which has been procuring since the being of time!  So I went digging into my stash of paper and pulled out something a little funky!  And since it was Sunday, I used the funky challenge to go with it: Retro Sketches challenge

Check it out:

Be back later in the week!

Lesson learned...

So as you many know I'm working on a Christmas quilt; as seen here:

If you look at the picture from the magazine, it shows SEVERAL half triangle squares...SEVERAL!  So I thought it would be smart to use Thangles. Well, I've never used them better but I knew they were pretty straight forward, or so I thought.

I purchased a says to cut 3 inch strips and finishes at 2.5 inch...yep those are the ones I need! I think to myself...yippee! I can work on my quilt again! Being the cautious person when using a new technique...I make one set. I complete all the steps are stated in the directions...the finished product is 3 inches...1/2 inch off!  So I've done something wrong because I need the half triangle squares to be 2 1/2 square! Well, perhaps it was because I strength the fabric when I took the paper off. I watch a tutorial on YouTube...I re-assess that it looks likes I'm doing everything right! 

So I got ahead and sew all the Thangles I need and I cut apart the first one; being very, very cautious...I think to myself this time I got it! I measure it and nope, I ain't got it! I still have a half triangle square measuring 3 inches!

After much thought and research, I mean MUCH THOUGHT AND RESEARCH I figured out the following: the 2 1/2 inches finished refers to the block size when you sew it into a block...does that make sense?! 

So after several thoughts, I decided to cut then like so:

Which gave me this:

I figured at least I wouldn't have to cut all 4 half triangle squares...if I cut them like the above picture.  

Here's my final result...exactly what I needed...2 1/2 half triangle squares! 

Yippee! Time for my next step!

A day of leisure...

Yep, today has been a day of leisure! And I'm enjoying every minute of it! I've straighten up my craft room and it provides the creative juices to kick it in high gear.  I've created a card for a friend of mine using the latest MojoMonday challenge.

And as many of you have been told...we are a little over half way until Christmas...and this year the following will happen: 1. I will have a Christmas tree skirt 2. I will have a Christmas quilt to hang 3. I will have cross stitched 8 Christmas stocking for my brothers and their family.

Uffda, I'm already exhausted....oh, did I forget that I need to work in 2014 projects listed on my blog?!  My goal is to have at least 1/2 of the projects completed!! 

I definitely need to have a pretty structured will be interesting to see what I can accomplish!

I've ordered the everything for the first stocking...and I noticed the shop has everything ready for the mailing...I'll be able to start early next week!

Oh, let the fun begin! And as always I'll keep you posted...

Playing with paper....

This is me! Never have I ever felt more alive when Ive been able to create with fabric, yarn or paper...

I've been able to create every night this has been so fun!  I have so many stamps which I hadn't even touched...and I don't want to be THAT person who has a great stash but doesn't take the time to dig into it!  This week, I've used some stamps which are regulars but others which I'd forgotten about...

I participated in The Paper Players sketch challenge...and here's what I created:

Can't wait until tomorrow to create more...stay tuned!

it's been busy week in the craft room...

It's been a busy week in the craft room; my work place has kicked off the annual United Way campaign.  Every week, work has events to help raise funds $$$ for them...usually, Sarah (co-worker) plans the following events: For a $1 you can pop a balloon which has free stuff in them, $1 Rootbeer Floats, Craft sale and bake sale....the later of the two which always interest me.  The idea is to get co-workers to sell craft and bake items for the sale...and every year I've wanted to participate but it always creeps up on me...and then I didn't have any time to plan and participate!

Well, this year, I'm ahead of the game...this week I've been making cards to sell at the craft sale. Honestly, I am having a lot of fun...using paper and stamping...and I've realized that I have a lot of stamps which I'd forgotten about!  So I'm trying to make every intention to use them in the cards.

Here's what I've completed so far...stay tuned...there's more coming....