A day of leisure...

Yep, today has been a day of leisure! And I'm enjoying every minute of it! I've straighten up my craft room and it provides the creative juices to kick it in high gear.  I've created a card for a friend of mine using the latest MojoMonday challenge.

And as many of you have been told...we are a little over half way until Christmas...and this year the following will happen: 1. I will have a Christmas tree skirt 2. I will have a Christmas quilt to hang 3. I will have cross stitched 8 Christmas stocking for my brothers and their family.

Uffda, I'm already exhausted....oh, did I forget that I need to work in 2014 projects listed on my blog?!  My goal is to have at least 1/2 of the projects completed!! 

I definitely need to have a pretty structured routine...it will be interesting to see what I can accomplish!

I've ordered the everything for the first stocking...and I noticed the shop has everything ready for the mailing...I'll be able to start early next week!

Oh, let the fun begin! And as always I'll keep you posted...

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