Lesson learned...

So as you many know I'm working on a Christmas quilt; as seen here:

If you look at the picture from the magazine, it shows SEVERAL half triangle squares...SEVERAL!  So I thought it would be smart to use Thangles. Well, I've never used them better but I knew they were pretty straight forward, or so I thought.

I purchased a pack...it says to cut 3 inch strips and finishes at 2.5 inch...yep those are the ones I need! I think to myself...yippee! I can work on my quilt again! Being the cautious person when using a new technique...I make one set. I complete all the steps are stated in the directions...the finished product is 3 inches...1/2 inch off!  So I've done something wrong because I need the half triangle squares to be 2 1/2 square! Well, perhaps it was because I strength the fabric when I took the paper off. I watch a tutorial on YouTube...I re-assess that it looks likes I'm doing everything right! 

So I got ahead and sew all the Thangles I need and I cut apart the first one; being very, very cautious...I think to myself this time I got it! I measure it and nope, I ain't got it! I still have a half triangle square measuring 3 inches!

After much thought and research, I mean MUCH THOUGHT AND RESEARCH I figured out the following: the 2 1/2 inches finished refers to the block size when you sew it into a block...does that make sense?! 

So after several thoughts, I decided to cut then like so:

Which gave me this:

I figured at least I wouldn't have to cut all 4 half triangle squares...if I cut them like the above picture.  

Here's my final result...exactly what I needed...2 1/2 half triangle squares! 

Yippee! Time for my next step!

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