You aren't going to believe this...

You aren't going to believe this...I re-started another craft project....Hubby and I had company this weekend, his daughter and family, which included little ones.  I needed to "tiddy" up my craft nook by my recliner; so after they left yesterday, I headed upstairs to find something to work on...and I found this knitted afghan which I started SEVERAL years ago.  I think it's time to finish it!  

It will be a great project for today, since I think I caught a little bug while the kids were here.  So today, I'll be laying low...kinda a perfect day!

I'm not going to lie...

I'm not going to lie...I think I will need a drink...or two...after sewing this American Doll witch costume...THE FIRST OF TWO DRESSES TO BE SEWN!  Yes, I think it turned out cute...but there's reason why I'm a quilter and not a seamstress!  Completely, a different language! COMPLETELY!  Anyho, here's the pic of Morgan's American Doll dress:

So needless to say, I picked up the Christmas Rules stitchery again...just to find my zen again...and yes, I found it!

Oh, before I crawl into bed...because my alarm clock sings to me at 2 am!  Hubby and I stopped by the Goodwill store...and I found these purse patterns!  Yippee!  There were, also, a BUNCH of wool applique patterns, but they will wait for me until they are 1/2 least I hope they will wait for me!

That's it! Night, night! This gal needs some beauty sleep!

Very sad...for Archivers...

Good Evening...I'm sad...Archivers for the last year has closed several's the last posting from them:
Archiver’s fans, today we sadly announce that four of our locations will be closing on October 20th—Coon Rapids, Gurnee, Nashville, and North Olmsted—and our Mall of America store will be closing on October 26th. Decisions like this are never easy, and we don’t like closing any of our stores. We are a small company and take what we do very personally. However, we find ourselves in tough economic times and are forced to make difficult business decisions in order to ensure our future success. The hardest part is saying goodbye to our amazing employees in these locations. We thank them for their hard work and dedication, and wish them the very best. Our other store locations will remain open, and shopping is always available online at Also, at our Memory Lab (, you can print photos in lots of sizes for traditional scrapbooking, create amazing photo projects and gifts, and a whole lot more. With closing our Mall of America location in particular, you may be wondering about ScrapFest. We’d love to keep ScrapFest going, and are looking into all of the possibilities. We’ll keep you posted as we know more. We thank you for your continued support during these difficult times.

COON RAPIDS! What that's the store I frequent! I'm very sad! There's still a store front in Maple Grove, however, I don't travel to the northern suburbs...I hope they are able to stay a float!  While darling Hubby was visiting his sister, I thought I would "check things out" at the Coon Rapids location.  Surprisingly, they were open with 25% off store wide.  Although I didn't REALLY need anything, there were some things which I didn't go home without!  I was really excited to add these beauties to my collection!

But I'll be honest, I was MORE excited to find this punch! I've been looking all over...eBay, Amazon and nearly every online scrapbooking store...remember this posting: for some time Posting...I haven't done much with it...maybe now I'll have some major mojo creative stuff going on!  Any ho, check it out!

Lately, I've been working on a little of this with a little of that...tomorrow, I'll post my recent sewing project! I've been working on my wee Santas from 2002 by Heart in Hand, but then I ran out of thread...poo!  So what's next...I don't know...I don't work tomorrow, so I'll be in the craftroom! WOOOHOOO!