I'm not going to lie...

I'm not going to lie...I think I will need a drink...or two...after sewing this American Doll witch costume...THE FIRST OF TWO DRESSES TO BE SEWN!  Yes, I think it turned out cute...but there's reason why I'm a quilter and not a seamstress!  Completely, a different language! COMPLETELY!  Anyho, here's the pic of Morgan's American Doll dress:

So needless to say, I picked up the Christmas Rules stitchery again...just to find my zen again...and yes, I found it!

Oh, before I crawl into bed...because my alarm clock sings to me at 2 am!  Hubby and I stopped by the Goodwill store...and I found these purse patterns!  Yippee!  There were, also, a BUNCH of wool applique patterns, but they will wait for me until they are 1/2 off...at least I hope they will wait for me!

That's it! Night, night! This gal needs some beauty sleep!

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  1. The costume turned out soooo cute. Nice work sticking with it to finish off the ruffles!