Tomorrow's Scrapbook Project...

I love watching YouTube; it's a great place to see new well as tutorials like this one from MySistersScrapper!  I love her videos!  She posted this tutorial the other day...and I wanted to do it too!  And thankfully, she posted the original tutorial from Just a Few Designs: Mini Scrapbook Album

I've already picked out my designer paper; so I'm ready for tomorrow project!

Oh, check out the other tutorials from Just a Few Designs...there are some great ideas!

My next project...the first Minnesota Quilt fabric

I was snooping around my quilt room last night and this morning trying to find my next first I thought I would start something completely new...then after digging into the projects I didn't have this fabric or I didn't have that fabric.  So I decided to go back to the drawing board, I went to the tub of UFO projects.  I found this bundle; most of the fabric is from the first year (2008) of the Quilt Minnesota.

However, as I read the directions, I figured I would make the lap size quilt instead of the table topper.  As a result, I needed more fabric to work with and because I like scrappy quilts.  So I spent some of the day digging in my scrappy tubs...yes, that's what I said, scrappy tubs!  Here's what I've added to the collection:

I've already started fussy cutting the fabric images; so tomorrow I'm ready to start the 1 1/2 inch blocks...YIKES!  I don't have enough of the fabric images, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do as a replacement...I doubt any quilt stores still have this fabric collection...I thought about fussy cutting the fish can see the blue and black fish fabric in the above picture. I'll figure it out later...I have plenty of time, since there's a large number of 1 1/2 inch squares to cut...oh well!

Until next time...

Another 2014 completion...

Another 2014 project completed...I loved this pattern...however, if you are interested in knowing...the background cut aren't correct!  With the help from my hubby, he was able to help me measure twice and cut once...thank you, Love for your help!  In the end, I still had to fudge here and fudge there...but I like the pattern!

Here's a picture of the completed project:

As for now...I don't know what's next...I'll have to snoop into my stash of kits...or look at some patterns which I'm wanting to sew...I'll keep you posted...until then I have some cards and/or tags to whip up!

Until then...

The very last flower...

The very last completed!  On my way to another 2014 finish...and since I have the next few days off...most definitely will be in the completed category...hopefully, by the end of the day!

Block #9

Yesterday, Hubby and I got home from visiting these 3 little beauties:

Loved, loved, loved spending the time with them...very charming and ACTIVE little girls!

Today's Progress Report on the Whimsey Flower Embroidery blocks...

Today couldn't have been any better...picture this image in your + embroidery project + Downton Abbey (season 2) on DVD + fresh Minnesotan snow = One really happy girl! and you guessed it...I would be your happy girl!

I am happy to report that I only have ONE more block to emobroider!  I did finish
Block #5 but, it wasn't until I had to correct the flowers; I had embroidered them with the wrong DMC floss color; here's the finished (and corrected) block:  

Flowers with the wrong DMC floss (I thought it looked strange)
One corrected flower and one wrong flower
the finished block

Let it Minnesota

As I previously stated, it snowed last night in Minnesota...who would have guessed!  As a result, my darling hubby needed some help moving the snow...and I was his gal!  Thankfully, he did pose for a quick picture! Lucky me!

But isn't he cute!

What's my next project...

Good Morning, the other day I had the opportunity to visit my craft room...and do a little know putting all my christmas craft gifts (and some birthday) gifts away.  And since I finished my knitting project, the infinity scarf.  I needed to find another I thought I would work on this embroidery project. 

Mini Wooly Whimsey Sampler Embroidery
Starry Pines Pattern Co.

If I remember correctly, I only have three more blocks to work on...I don't think it will take me never know...perhaps today! Snow Showers...oh, my, what a surprise in Minnesota!  However, I have to remember that I want to create a Merry Monday Challenge we will have to see how much I can realistically get accomplished!

Hope everyone has a great day. Until next time, laterz.

a little here...a little there

While my love was in the hospital, I needed something to keep me busy and free of stress over Christmas.  I brought with the Lace Sequin both hospitals! After we got home...I will admit it sat for a while.  Then I got the bug again...this time to finish the project. This week, my love had a job interview in Willmar, MN...just a little 3 hour jaunt from home...and I had the day off of work, so I went with him! That's all the time I need to finish it on the way there...and I'm happy to say, it's my first finish of the 2014 year.

Now I think I'll have time to clean up the craft room and find some other UFO to, fun, fun...who knows maybe I'll have time to create a card!