a little here...a little there

While my love was in the hospital, I needed something to keep me busy and free of stress over Christmas.  I brought with the Lace Sequin Cowel...to both hospitals! After we got home...I will admit it sat for a while.  Then I got the bug again...this time to finish the project. This week, my love had a job interview in Willmar, MN...just a little 3 hour jaunt from home...and I had the day off of work, so I went with him! That's all the time I need to finish it on the way there...and I'm happy to say, it's my first finish of the 2014 year.

Now I think I'll have time to clean up the craft room and find some other UFO to finish....fun, fun, fun...who knows maybe I'll have time to create a card!

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