What's my next project...

Good Morning, the other day I had the opportunity to visit my craft room...and do a little cleaning...you know putting all my christmas craft gifts (and some birthday) gifts away.  And since I finished my knitting project, the infinity scarf.  I needed to find another project...so I thought I would work on this embroidery project. 

Mini Wooly Whimsey Sampler Embroidery
Starry Pines Pattern Co.

If I remember correctly, I only have three more blocks to work on...I don't think it will take me long...you never know...perhaps today! Snow Showers...oh, my, what a surprise in Minnesota!  However, I have to remember that I want to create a Merry Monday Challenge tag...so we will have to see how much I can realistically get accomplished!

Hope everyone has a great day. Until next time, laterz.

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