Another one bites the dust...

While snooping in my craft room stash, I found quilt blocks, sashing, corner stones and borders...all of the fabrics together except for the sashing and corner stones.  But I did find them in the stash of works, I think.  So I set out to finish the quilt...easy peasy...and now it's completed! Another one bites the dust! Yippee! 

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day! Thank you all service men and woman! God bless America!

Just in the nick of time....

Just in the nick of time, I was able to get the 2nd block completed! (tick, tock, tick, tock says the clock)

This Friday is the 15th...and the 3rd block will be released! Uffda! So thankful I was able to sneak away to get them accomplished.

(please note: the stretchy background wasn't so bad this go around...)

And for other type A quilters, I would like to draw your attention to the brown block.  There's a diagonal print which don't match.  I'm not a type A quilter...but I will admit the various directional print might bother me. There's a strong possibility it might be redone!

One project at a time...

I'm here for a quick post; Here's a picture of a purse I did last weekend,  I've had the kit in my stash for several years, and by several, I mean 6-7 years! No kidding!

Recently my craft room hasn't been the room where I recharge my zen.  The room has gotten out of control...why? I've bought a lot of beautiful fabrics and kits...too many beautiful fabrics and kits.

This year I'm making a conscience effort to practice stash reduction; how? By sewing. Yes, sewing one kit at a time! And not hoarding beautiful fabric!!

APQ resolution working on my UFOs...

Hello! My crafty I am with this month's APQresolution number! In case you aren't sure what I'm talking about:  The people at announce on the first day of each month any number 1-12...then I have a UFO project which coincides with each number. The hope is work through some of the projects which are unfinished.  It's super easy and a fun way to work through your unfinished projects! 

Sadly, I didn't get a chance to work on last month's project, so I'm going to carry it over into this month!  I know pretty boring but I want to get it done...and yes, it seems like punishment...and you are is punishment! A kinda fun punishment (insert a cute smile here)!

Here's a picture of my project...tonight, I will be cross stitching and watching high school hockey tournaments! Good times in the Hudak household! Whoop, whoop!

Crossroads Quilt Along...

Here's the first month of the Fat Quarter's Crossroads Quilt Along; I didn't think I would like the background fabric...but love how it turned out. Can't wait for next month! #crossroadsquiltalong #fatquartershop

Then there's another or REAL story:

So I'm working through my stash which is a good thing, right?! I found several yards of this cream background which turned out cute, agree?! EXCEPT this fabric STRETCHES! It got a little better when I pinned, but I might have to change up the background to a more scrappy look...the bright: I'm working through my stash, yippee! 

(Please note: I'm working through my stash so I can buy more case anyone was confused! 

It's a new year...

It's a new year...and I've started it with a bang! After several years of wanting to sew a Christmas tree skirt. I've completed it!

I'm, also, very happy that APQ has assembled another UFO challenge; the list might look similar; I didn't changed much on the list, because I hadn't finished most everything on the list.  And instead of completing another one, I just changed things around.

(and what do ya know...the Tree Skirt was the first item to be finished!  I think I rigged it! (insert devilish smile here)

Hoping this year I'll be able to completely more on the list than last year...