For some time...

For some time now...I've been saying to myself that I wanted to start filling up my ATC Vintage Holder (see image).  Stephanie, my Oregonian Peep, got it for my birthday a gazillion years ago...and I haven't done anything with it.  Actually, I have done ONE place marker (see this posting)...and that's it...nothing else...

Soooo, what I've decided is that I would take the card sketches to create the ATC card for the holder.  I should let you know that I'm not really using it for ATC, instead I'm going to put pictures in it...with some artsy fartsy cards...which I guess are ATC cards...haha.

Well, I've had this idea in my head for some time....and have done NOTHING about it...well, my is the day that I'm going to do more than just think about it! Here's my place holder using the sketch challenge. 

I think of all the people I "love beyond measure" next is to put some pictures in...I'm excited to start filling it up!

It looks a little too!

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