I'm a happy girl...

I'm a happy girl because I actually made time and followed through with making a card in my craft room!  I have several events this month to make cards for, and I didn't want to purchase any cards...unlike yesterday...I spent $6.39 for a baby shower card.  Grant it the card was a Papyrus card, but really...holy cow!

Any ho, here's a card for Brad/Kristina's wedding for the end of this month...I used the Retro Sketches # 28.  Their sketches are amazing...sometimes they are challenging, but they follow up with a clean and simple sketch! Lov'n it!


  1. Wow! Look at all the textures you have going on in here. It's beautiful and elegant.

  2. What a cute card. So nice design. Designing is so tough job and i realize this when i worked for the Scratch Cards Printing and designing company. It needs so concentration and effort. Your have done great job. I appreciate this.