Fun Run...

Yesterday, I asked my Darling Hubby if he wanted to go to Michael's Craft Store with me...and shockingly, he said yes!  But there was a catch...I needed to feed him!  And being the darn good wife that I am, I said, "Okay!"  Here's what I found at Michael's: everything was $1.50 or $.99...some great things to add to my stash!

Then, on the way home, we stopped by the Salvation Army; I found some great things!
It was definitely an incentive to continue my skill set with Applique. There were more patterns...wish I would have realized that "green" tags items were 50% off before I got tot the register.  Oh, well...there's always Monday to check it out again!  Any ho, look at the patterns:

Cinnamon Stiches from Piece O' Cake Pattern Company

Thru Grandmother's Window from Piece O' Cake Pattern Company
Have a great evening!

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