While the hubby was in the car....

While the hubby was in the car...I picked up the green fabric at my local quilt shop...and also, got this book...and how yummy the quilt (and projects) are!  The best part is that I used my frequent flyer miles to purchase it!

Now before you jump to conclusion, I know what you are thinking:  Why did she purchase an (mostly) applique book when she hasn't ever worked on anything applique?!

Well, I (seriously) love anything from Blackbird Designs...and I mean anything! I think my next project will be a small quilt with applique...I took a class a while ago...hopefully, I will remember everything!

Anyho, you must see the projects....simply YUMMY!

Check it out: CUT 300 - 5 1/2" squares! What was I thinking...but look at the quilt below...completely worth all 300 squares!

Love, Love, Love...and I probably would have purchased this book for just this pattern!  Good thing I loved more than just this quilt!

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