2015 AllPeopleQuilt.com UFO Challenge...for February Progress Report

Originally, I thought I had posted the next AllPeopleQuilt.com challenge, but I guess it was only posted on my Instagram account!

So the challenge continues, as  you may know, a number is posted the 1st Monday of each month.  These numbers corresponds with a monthly listing of UFO which the participants created shortly after the beginning of the year.

If you still want to participate, check out the details:  2015 allpeoplequilt.com challenge

February has been here for 2 weeks...and like I said I thought I posted the challenge via my blog, but I was wrong...

Anyho, this month's number is 7!

And here's the pic from my instagram account:

It's been a slow start for me...and I still want to keep with the theme of getting UFO projects finished...so I'll end here...

I must go stitch!


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