over the weekend...

Well, over the weekend...I didn't get much accomplished!  However, I did work on Hazel's First Day of School mini album...I used the Thursday tutorial from My Sisters Scrapper.  Honestly, I love her creations and her tutorials are awesome!  

I've assembled the cover and binding...and I got the pages figured out...kinda?!  I might be moving them around before they are adhered down.  However, I'm at a stand-still...I only had a 6x6 paper stack of Simple Stories, Smarty Pants.  The cover is about 1 inch larger than the paper...so I ordered some accompanying journal pages, brads and the 12x12 paper stack.  I know that I'll have more than really need but I'll make many cards as well as possible another mini album with whatever is leftover.

Oh, and on Monday, Minnesota became Minnesnowta!  We got over 12 inches of snow...UGH!  And did I mentioned Darling Hubby left for the week...and he didn't hook up the snow blower!  Yes, the same snow blower that I didn't know how to operate last year! And last night, I learned that it IS mechanically possible to get a Subaru AWD Outback stuck in the snow while in the driveway! 

So let me paint the pretty picture....Car stuck in the driveway...me walking in knee high snow up the LONG driveway to get the cat liter and a shovel!  Okay, yeah! I got the car unstuck and in the garage!  However, now I can't get to the wood pile which heats the house!  Yeah, get the shovel ready...nope! Darling Hubby is driving home from his workplace in Wisconsin to hook up the snow blower and clear the driveway as well as a path to the wood pile!

But for now...here's a picturesque snow scene from INSIDE the house!

But before he gets home...I'll have enough time to page through and start planning for projects during another LONG winter!

Hope you have an amazing day! Laterz!

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