I was the worker B...this weekend!

Oh my, I've had a busy weekend.  Friday, hubby and I went to Fargo, ND to visit his daughter, Brittany and her family!  Truth be told, we just wanted to go Trick and Treating with the grandkids!  We had lots of fun...things were...um, shall we say...a little unpredictable...but honestly, you need to be with a 6year old, 4year old, 2year old and a newborn!  However, I'm still chuckling at the weekends events!

Saturday, I helped Brittany at the Festive Flea Market...she's the creator/developer and entrepreneur of The Honey B Soap Company...oh, I forgot one last word to describe her goods...Chemist! Check out her website...she has a great line of bath goods!

Here's some pictures I took:

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