Labor Day of Cross Stitching...

Well, I'm here...time has provided me with a lot of it since hubby has been out of town! I have spent my time keeping household business in order...or at least trying to do so! It seems to be a cat and mouse game to keep things up to know?!

I have planned my days accordingly with daily tasks...sometimes those tasks fall by the wayside, only to be picked up another day...but in the end all tasks are DONE! And the house is clean! 

I have worked diligently for 2 reason: keep myself busy and keep myself busy...I happy to say it has kept my mind of hubby being out of town.  But I’m happy to report the house has been spit shined and is ready for my VIP on Thursday...I am beyond excited to see hubby! BEYOND! Excited!

Since I have worked so hard to get things in order I have rewarded was a day of rest and CRAFTING!  I've been working on some projects for Christmas...since it's almost around the a matter of perspective, it's almost right around the corner.  One of the projects are cross stitch stockings for my brothers family!  And yes, I know I shouldn’t get too overjoyed but have one ALMOST accomplished!  But I'm over the moon with the small success...I will finish stitching this stocking in a matter of hours...but I need to order the charms which compliment it.  I wonder if there's a chart which indicates the placement of the beads and charms...looks like I will need to investigate.

Thank you for stopping by my blog; have a great evening!

Elisabeth's Stocking Charms


  1. I pulled out my cross stitch stuff today too!! I may have to find some new things to stitch over the coming winter months!