Starting something new...

Since I finish the knitted afghan, I thought it would be okay to start something new...and here's what I picked.  It's something that I bought a couple of years ago for Tim's daugther...with every intention to start and finish it within a "reasonable" time...well, that didn't happen.  The first time around, I started it on my bamboo knitting needles, which didn't work very well...I needed to use the Turbo knitting needles.  I got some Turbos at Goodwill store some time back...and to my surprise it was in the size I needed...(side note: why would you give away TURBO knitting needles...they retail: $15.99 and I got them for $2.99).  I thought I would start this project again using them...and it was wonderful! Very easy to knit...(a sigh of reflief).
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