I know what you're thinking...

I know what you're thinking...and no I'm not a shop-alcoholic.  It just looks that way...work has been really, really busy.  I haven't had time to create much; as a result, I haven't been able to post much either!  
PaperTrey Ink stuff was received at least three weeks ago...and I haven't even used them, yet.  How sad is that situation!? :-) The Paper Bouquet book and tools were purchased this week.  My Oregonian peep has created some great looking paper flowers to add to her cards....so, of course, I needed to try out the flowers, too.

Hopefully, life will get back on track...and I'll have time to create some things, or sew, or cross-stitch....anything...and I'll feel normal again!

Tomorrow, I'm planning on a post; please check back for something fun!

See ya!

Purchased at my local Stampin' store

PaperTrey Ink purchased at least 3 weeks ago.

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