A New Years project from a previous year...

Happy New Year to everyone...hopefully, you were able to bring in the New Year in your own style.  My hubby and I were asleep by 10:30 pm...that's our style!

Anyho, I've started a Block of the Month project from SEVERAL years ago.  I think I was overly ambishous when I thought it would be fun to sew 2 different versions of this quilt.  Originally, there were 3 different versions to pick from.....and I chose: 1)Flowery/Summery one and 2)Civil War one. Although, I will say the quilt isn't the hardest, so I'm thinking it should sew up quickly...but as you may know sometimes the easiest ones are the difficult ones...

Here's a picture of the pattern cover:
Here's a pic of the blocks which I've completed:

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