What flowers for me????

Hubby says this morning 8:57am (I slept in until 8:30am)...will you take the dogs for walk with me? My answer: Not right now....He says again...will you take the dogs for a walk with me? Obviously, he didn't hear my answer...or like my answer.  My next answer: Yep, I will take the dogs for a walk with you around NOON-ish.  So NOON-ish comes around...he comes into the house...hollers up the stairs...Honey, are you ready to walk the dogs?  I'm skyping with my Oregonian peep...my next answer: how about in 30-45 minutes...He grumbles something under his breath...Long story made shorter...we took for the walk with the dogs...and he picked me some winter flowers!  Loved the sentimental thought!

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