A few hankies for me...and a finish!

I was at my mom/dad's house a couple of weeks ago helping with a little water issue in the basement...long story short, we needed to go through boxes of things to toss/dry out and/or repack items which were water damaged.  We came across a small box of hankies (or so I thought) which were my grandmothers/great aunts/ and great grandmothers hankies.  Mom gave them to me!! It was like Christmas all over ago! When I got home I was oohing and awing over my new treasures...I am the luckiest girl...this picture is only a fraction of them! 

This weekend I went to a Discover workshop...it was a workshop on the 4 Temperments...

Very interesting...I didn't feel like I needed to learn that much about myself, because I think that I'm more self aware than some people, but there have been some behaviors which I needed to know more about.  In the workshop, I did confirm that I'm a relationship based individual...honestly, not that much of a surprise for me, but it confirmed that I'm definitely not task oriented!  I'm was glad to put my finger on this issue...it explains why I'm not able to get any crafting things accomplished!  Anyho, at least I can tackle this issue...because now I'm aware of it!

Or at least that's my thought process...

It also confirms why it took me at least 3 weeks to put the button eyes on this baby quilt...I finish putting the eyes on just a couple of days ago!

Laterz...Tim, darling hubby, says were going out to the garden to pick tomatillos!

Hope you have a great day!

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