I still have more mesh to sew....

Hello! And Happy Labor Day! Hopefully, you didn't start out your day by working like me! But I'm home now and chilling!

So I've been busy...overwhelmed by all of the craft things which I collect....quilting stuff, cross stitch stuff, knitting/crochet stuff and stamping stuff....my craft room is bursting at the seams...my darling hubby laughs when he says, "I should have put more support beams under your craft room" but I think he's right!

Anyho, in the mist of being overwhelmed, I started some things to GET THEM DONE! Like to instance, I have a bag of zippers which I've collected over the years...being a huge purse freak, I need them...lots of them! I guess! Because I have a WHOLE BAG of them! A WHOLE BAG! And I had a bag of pet mesh to sew bags....(do see where I'm going with this)...so I combined the two along with some fabric and here's what I got:

Any I haven't used all of the mesh, yet...so there's more coming! But I'm determined to use it up!

And just in case you are interested, yes, I am willing to sell each of them! The two text/phone mesh bags are for my nieces, so they are spoken for...sorry!

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