What happened after Monday...

Well, let me tell you what happened after the last posting...not that much...but I think it looks like a lot!  Yesterday, I finally completed the last of the mesh bags...well, for the most part. I still need to make 2 backpacks for my nephews...I don't think I have enough to make 2 different backpacks, so I'm combining some fabric which I saw at my local quilt shop!  However, I went through my thousands of patterns...and I guess I don't have the drawstring backpack pattern. So I'll have to check around to see if I can find it on the internet or something.

Check out the fabric: (they are going to love it, I hope! Totally, up the alley!)

Here's a pic of the remaining bags which I wiped up yesterday:

(Still only used supplies which I had on hand!) even the zippers...I purchased ZERO zippers...I had them all in my stash...which might explain why some don't really match, but they will work great for my WIPs needlework stuff.

And here's my progress on the stocking: a little disspointed that I haven't completed it, yet! Perhaps I will need to come up with other ideas for my brothers family....oh, we'll see!

And I, also, started a little project which I thought would be an easy WIPs....Boy I was so wrong! The linen is 32ct....and well, I'll say that I need to get a stronger magnifying reading glasses to stitch easier! I'm thinking the strongest you can get, which I don't even know. Currently, I'm using a +2.00 reading glasses...it's not cutting it...maybe +4.00...I'll have to see what Target has tomorrow!  Here's the picture of the little halloween project.

Well, that's a wrap for the week...have a great weekend!


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