Roadshow or bust...

Yesterday, my mom and I went to Antique Roadshow which was taping in Minneapolis...
and I will say that although we didn't have any million dollar items...we sure did have 
F-U-N!! I would have liked to take pictures, however, we weren't allowed once we were in the "arena."  We met the following appraisers:

J. Michael Flanigan (Furniture)

Kathleen Guzman (Collectibles)

John Travolta otherwise known as Scott Tagliapietra (Dolls) and he thought he was a doll, not so much!
Dude, button up your isn't cool anymore, really!
From what I hear 35,000 people "applied" for tickets which was picked by lottery...I can't win at bingo, so I was really surprised when I received tickets for the show.  Also, please note...I did see Mark Walberg, but he was across the I didn't get any photo opps!  The taping will be airing in the 16th look for my mom and I!

Thanks mom...I had a blast!!

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