One down...a zillion left to go...

Well, since I'm on a stay-cation (stay at home vacation) until Wednesday...I thought I would work on my 2013 projects which I posted the other day...and Tim, my darling hubby, had been wondering if I had time to sew on the quilt he got me a couple of years ago...which I hadn't until this weekend.  It's done...I'm not going to sew the 1 3/4 inch border which was the final I'll call it done!

Here's a couple of pics of the quilt: (please keep in mind...Tim picked it out...he went up to my mom and dad's summer retreat for the fishing opener, and I stayed home because of work...I told him he needed to pick out something at the local quilt store before he came he picked out something for him...which makes sense.)

Pattern: free pattern with release of fabric
Fabric: Friendly Visitors by SouthSea Imports, Inc.

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