Some things for 2013....

I usually don't like making lists of things to get done when it comes to my crafts...I get overwhelmed by the many projects which I've started and haven't's like cement on my feet...I get nothing done....but I dug into the many tubs of projects I have in my craft room.  I thought I would simply lay out some projects which seemed interesting to I have a long weekend coming up...I thought I would have a mini quilting retreat...and yes, I'm ordering pizza for lunch!

Anyho, here's the pics of my "unofficial" list of 2013 projects:

I'm already overwhelmed....because there are several other projects from books which I haven't pictured...I need to remind myself to just thing at a time...and enjoy the time spent sewing....can't wait from my long weekend!

Little Bits by Lynn Dash; Pattern: Itty Bitty Bear's Paw
Seriously, what was I thinking....the bear paw block measure 2 INCHES!
American Patchwork & Quilting magazine (December 2010); Pattern: Small Steps

Indygo Junction, Inc.; Book: Handle with Style Pattern: The Basic Tote (large)

Lizzie Kate; Pattern: Christmas Rules

Farmer's Wife Quilt; fabric selection from Moda's Bonnie & Camille

Miss Rosie's Spice of Life; Pattern: Elizabeth

Wood 'n Peg Designs; Pattern: Stow and Go Green Bag
One for me...and one for Abigail!

No pattern...just random 3 inch blocks with fabric scraps  

Pattern: Enjoy the Little Things

Moutainpeek Creations; Pattern: Sidelights
I need to find some Moda's Fruitcake fabric to get with it...the search begins! E-bay here...I..come! 

Jackie's Animas Quilts; Pattern: Yule Logs

Perkins Dry Goods; Pattern: Village Crossing
The snowman are fussy cut to create the finished blocks...need to know if I have enough of the snowman!
Oh...I hope so! Otherwise, Ebay here I come!

Starry Pines Pattern Co; Pattern: Wooly Basket Sampler
Most of the blocks are completed; I just need to embroider and add some final touches

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