Just a little bit more...on baby afghan gift...

I just have a little more to work on...I checked early last week with my friend to ensure the baby hasn't been delivered...and nope, Aubrey isn't here, yet! Although big brother, Owen is not as patient as his parents...oh, soon enough his wish well come true!

Here's my progress: 

As you may have noticed, I've added a couple of new projects to my 2014 project list...oh, gosh what was I thinking! I seem to get boggled down with life stuff that I forget I have a project list to keep me structured with my UFOs! At the beginning of the year, I seem to stay on task, but as the year continues I seem to forget I have a list!  Well, since the list and I have been reintroduced, I will have to continually revisit section of my blog! Hope you have a great week!

Thank you visiting my blog!

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