What's wrong with this picture...

Good Afternoon, so this morning, I had it in my head that I would sew up a really quick and easy quilt.  You ask which one, right?  Well, I decided I wasn't going to start ANOTHER quilt project, I reached in to my 2014 project list bucket...and thought I would be able to finish Sidelights using the Basic Grey's Fruitcake fabric by Moda.

So I cut per the directions...my first issue: the focal was a little short on the width...which should have been an alert for me, right? NOPE, not yet.  So I got to where I sew the little boxes to the focal fabric...all is well!  Then I get to assembling the little boxes on the bottom...my second issue: I've run out of the red fabric! CRAP!  This is how much I have left...I'm missing enough for one...ONE!!...2 inch x 8 1/2 inch strip! ONE!

So I thought to myself...fine I won't be able to finish the quilt...oh, well, there are worse, right!  Well...I thought I would at least sew the bottom (little boxes) to the rest of the quilt...and here's where I am alerted of the my problem from my first issue! check out the far left hand corner of the pic...there's my problem issue #1...

Here's what I'm left with...and realized I would have to surrender...I will not be able to finish the one thing I thought I could finish!!  I feel defeated!  All I could do was fold it up and bring it along with the others of the my unfinished quilts which need fabric in order to finish!  It's probably just as well...I need to find a border fabric, also...the hunt goes on!

Thank you for stopping by...have a great day!

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